Laz Vic


The Rise of Rhino Comedy Club

A good performance space can mean the difference between a mediocre show and a memorable one. Not all comedy rooms are created equal. I once performed in a hallway, during the day, without a microphone, while a TV blared Days of Our Lives above me.

Every once in a while I come across the total opposite. A one of a kind room. A room with magic! The lighting is just right, the sound system strong, and the atmosphere electric with possibility. This year I was lucky enough to find such a room. Tucked away in the quiet town of Suffern, NY, a mere stones-throw from New York City, lies a very special comedy space. The Rhino Comedy Club. Its owner, Maria Vail Guevara opened earlier this year after months of preparation. There isn’t anything like it in the area and walking in, you can tell it’s a labor of love. Maria is also a talented college theatre professor at nearby Ramapo College. She is my former professor in fact!

Host Joseph Turner, Owner Maria Guevara, and Producer Laz Vic. 

Host Joseph Turner, Owner Maria Guevara, and Producer Laz Vic. 

I was lucky enough to be invited last summer to teach a comedy course and begin producing in the newly opened space. Within a few months I saw the Rhino transform into what it is today, a comedy and theatre venue where artists and audiences alike can come to enjoy art exhibitions, improv shows, musical acts, and of course an amazing live stand-up comedy show, showcasing some of the best untapped talent in the area.

Our first show, “Stand-Up Comedy Headliners,” opened in September and was a smash success. Followed up by the hilarious, “Ladies Night,” series. Audiences have been discovering what a fantastic space this is. This is a new home for comedy and I’m proud to call myself a Rhino. 

Saturday. November 11th is our next Stand-Up Headliners show. We have a great night of laughs planned. Will you join us?

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