The Stockroom premieres @Urbanworld Film Festival

I just received news that The Stockroom movie will preimere at the Urbanworld Film Festival at the AMC theater in Times Sqaure!  Save the date: September 25th 2015 @5pm Tickets will go on sale very soon!

"Stop lying to yourself and do it already!" -Tina, The Stockroom. 

NY Screening at The 19th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival @ the AMC on 42nd Street & Times Square Sept 25th @ 5pm!

With an amazing cast: Victor Cruz, April Hernandez-Castillo, Luis Antonio Ramos, Liza Colón-Zayas, J.i. Starr and Tracy Perez as "Lilly". #thestockroomfilm Much love to Nola Nola Barie for designing this image. s/o to Shirley Rodriguez for taking the original photo that this image is based on!