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When I last left you....I can't even remember where I last left off it's been so long. A long, busy, painful, 7 day a week 22 hour a day nightmare wrapped in an enigma of timelessness due to sleep deprivation. Working a 8-5 office job by day and then going to work on a T.v. show by night, with no rest in between is enough to make me cry, not from sadness but pain of keeping my eyes open. I love doing the show and hate my job. I get paid to little for doing a lot on the show and get to much pay for doing nothing at work. A paradox, the story of my life.

Somehow 3 writers, VC, GT, and myself, have managed to write an hour talk show/sketch comedy show week after week for 12 weeks. Looking back it seems unreal. Not to mention the incredible work of our boss. Let's call him Gordo. Gordo is the executive producer of our show and he never seems to surprise me. Whether it be that he is one of the few people on earth who actually says something and means it. The type of person who doesn't try to be someone else and isn't afraid of speaking his mind. An excellent salesmen spirit and a genuinely good person. He also has his finer points in which I feel is important to list here:

*Will eat your food if left unattended, after apologizing may accidentally belch in your face.
*Will bring up various interesting topics such as; Farting, Tongue to Anal techniques, Anything involving an amputee and a big black rubber dildo, German porn, Any porn, Sex of any kind including fetishes in graphic detail while in public.
*Has loud deep resonating voice which is unmistakable in a library.
*Can become naked at any moment
*May attempt to hump things including humans, machinery, and inanimate objects
*Will use racial slurs in casual settings

These last few weeks have just been crazy. With only 2 episodes left to shoot I'm looking forward to a break, although from what I can gather from our meeting yesterday their is a lot to do for next season. My only hope is that they give me more money so I can leave this gut wrenching hell hole I call my day job.

On election day I was on a bus going toward the city on a road that has a full view of New York City from across the Hudson. Looking from my window, it was a clear day when suddenly I could not help but notice two twin propeller planes following each other. They looked something out of world war II and they each carried a banner waving behind them. The first banner read: "Hiding your motives is despicable" The second banner, "You will live the surprise result of an old plan". After arriving at Port Authority I thought about that this cryptic message as I walked toward the comedy club that night.

*What does it mean? Why was it so cryptic? It had to have some importance being that it was on election day. It reminded me of something I've read before and I got a bad feeling in my stomach. An old plan? Well the "plan" in Orwells book 1984 states the 3 super powers of the world are in a voluntary perpetual war to keep all of us in line. We are always kept in the dark and afraid of "Them", or "Communists" or "Terrorists" to keep us blind with fear. We never have our own thoughts, the government thinks for us. We never deviate or question our country. We always have someone to hate and most importantly, we are always at war. Ring a bell? Looks a lot like the world today. Someone very wise once said, "Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it". Then again, that was my first thought for an answer and I could be wrong.

The majority of the minorities helped vote Bush into office again, the Hispanic vote. I myself am of this culture and proud of it but consider myself an independent when it comes to politics, of independent thought and opinion. My fellow people however are very much republicans and very religious. It is beyond me how they can be so "Right", most of us are piss poor and we all know how dearly the upper class care for us. I do understand their deep religious roots, being spiritual myself, I understand how important it was in my upbringing, however, when I also took the time to research and read other opinions from across the board to finally come up with one I think is a logically plausible solution to a way of looking at things, I discovered plenty of blatant disregard for civil liberties under this so called president. This administration knew what card to play and they played it very well. Taking advantage of a people who actually believe the president cares about them. I feel sorry for my country.

*It's a Television nation and TV dictates our views our believes, and even our morality. No one takes the time to educate themselves. Schools across the country are plagued by an attitude that education should be rigid. Controlled. Subjected to unbelievable scrutiny. Bullies are being arrested and charged with, "Making a terroristic threat". I actually think "Terroristic" is a new word! Text books being burned and remade to fit our ideal of history up to this point at this moment when it will change again at any moment so be ready to forget everything you just learned prepared to believe an entirely new fact.

*It is up to the individual to educate themselves and because their is such a lack of that in this country our rights will be taken from us, right by right and right from under us.
When did we decide to become sheep? Throughout the 1980's America had the individualistic attitude. You couldn't tell us what to do we were the leaders of our own lives. Now we are scared sheep being barked at by the prairie dog and corralled all about the farm. There is no place like, Homeland Security.

I'm sure all of you are all now draining from this past election. I can't remember another time when this country has been so taken in by double speak. I'm pretty much done with all of it myself. I can not wait until the stale cold air of this political atmosphere lifts. The last thing I am going to say on the subject is, we are now all responsible for the mess this president will cause, let's hope he doesn't push us into a World War III.

I have reached the boiling point of patience at my job. No human being should be subjected to such slavery. I'm in the process of searching for a part time job. Hopefully I can find something that will be stressless while allowing enough income for survival. I am making a list of "People who are assholes" to present at the academy awards when I win the Oscar. Oh yes they will get theirs.

To culminate this update, I want to say that I feel like Willie Coyote chasing after the all illusive Road Runner. Just before I catch him, I fall off a freakin cliff.

Until next time ----------CRASH!