Laz Vic


When the going gets tough, I get a fever

Well hello there you wondrous cyber freaks.

I've have much to share with you. It was a very difficult week for me on account of my sickness. Let's start with what happened with our show on Tuesday night. A certain club owner let's call him Scrooge, double booked another show in our space and we were forced to a smaller yet intimate room upstairs. Problem was we didn't have any kind of audience. Partly because the stupid show downstairs took our people and also the fact we didn't advertise on such short notice. So we were forced to cancel. We did use the time to have a rather fervent production meeting. At this point the stakes have been raised and emotions are running high due to the incredible amount of stress everyone is facing. In my opinion we need to deflate ourselves a little and step back to realize the bigger picture. We are on a small budget on a very little known cable station. Let's make the best with the tools we have and secure a 2nd season. Remaining professional in the face of adversity separates the men from the boys.

The rest of the week I became progressively sicker. Since I do not get enough time to rest and recuperate myself, it takes me that much longer to heal. I napped every chance I got and did my best not to faint at work.

On Wednesday I was a participant in a series of near death experiences. Feeling as I did, I spent a greater part of my day in the bathroom at work. To reach my desk you must cross through a giant glass door which can only be opened with an ID that releases a magnet. As I opened this door a brick sized piece of metal with the magnet inside became loose and propelled itself toward me, nearly clocking me in the noggin. It passed so close to my face in fact, I felt the wind of it push me back. I looked down at this killer and thought to myself, "Workmen's Comp", and picked up the piece. I could have easily claimed I was hit and very well could have owned this company never working again but something told me to remain honest. Call it a weakness or even my own disillusion but I believe in order for a person to truly be successful he or she must earn it, fair and square. Sure, maybe I could have scammed the company out of a few thousand dollars but at what cost to me? This incident could have sparked a cause and effect scenario of doctor's appointments, lawyer scrutiny, and a tyranny of paper work all of which I have no time for. As much as I hate the yuppies I will beat them on my own terms and keep my conscious clean, which is more than I can say for them.

That same evening in the car, I kept thinking how lucky I was. I could have really been hurt maybe worse. I'd rather be a poor healthy man than a rich vegetable, I thought. I turn onto the highway and it is packed with slow moving cars as usual. For some reason I decided to switch lanes and sail home on that lane. Just as I put on my signal and began to move, a car on my right smashes into the vehicle in front of him causing that vehicle to lose control and swerve, smack into the lane I had just been driving in. It was so close I heard a crunching sound and witnessed the entire thing. Had I not switched at that exact moment in time, I would have surely been a part of that collision. I was the last car out as all of the traffic stopped and all I remember is looking in the rear view mirror and spotting a Mack truck driving directly behind the position I was in originally. The rest of the way home I was extremely cautious of my surroundings. When I arrived home I tried to avoid any unnecessary movement.

On Thursday I arrived to work predictably late. I sat down and tried my best to stay awake. My co-worker gave me one look and said, "You look terrible". I thanked her and continued to sweat it out, literally, I was profuse with perspiration. My colleague requested I go home, not over concern for my health, but for hers. I agreed I was terribly sick because I began to see a tunnel of white light appear every couple of minutes but I hesitated. The boss is already angry at me for taking an average of 1 day a week in sick time. She also nearly caught me coming in over an hour late but couldn't disprove my story of being in the bathroom. Finally my co-worker went upstairs and soon I got a call from the boss in a very concerned voice say, "Listen, people are telling me you have a fever and are sweating, just go home". So I did.

I caught up on some sleep and got up near night fall. I packed up my stuff and off I went to the big apple to film a new sketch I wrote called, "Latino News, News with SALSA!". I met everyone at the LTV studios in Manhattan. Its a quaint little building in which I got lost. After opening many doors and going down strange corridors, I found my way by following the sound of voices. The shoot went pretty smoothly. I played a news anchor and a lovely young actress named Elizabeth played my co-anchor. I was impressed with her inflection of voice, it really sounded like a news caster. What great fun it was to see all my characters come to life. I'm really proud of this particular sketch because it is not only silly but witty, the characters wacky and three dimensional. For a while I even forgot I was deathly ill.

I feel a world better today. It's Friday, I got a pay check, and have most of the weekend off. Sunday we have our comedy show and I'm looking forward to it but that adventure will be discussed soon enough.

Until Next Time - from everyone at Latino News - Gracias and Good night!