Musica MusicaPstar Chuck and I I just finished up another run of LLEGAMOS at the Laugh Factory to much success. I had the pleasure of meeting many musicals stars such as Frankie Negron and P-Star to name a few. P-Star is an 11 year old rapper who really has the skills of a professional. She rocked the audience with her charm & original music. Check her out on MTV: Singer, songwriter Frankie Negron was a pleasure to work with. He’s really down to earth guy and has a great sense of humor. He joined the LLEGAMOS cast in a few sketches that left the audience in tears and then serenaded the crowd with a tune from his new album “Mejor Que Nunca”. Check him out at: New York Paranoia LLegamos Crew During this run I wrote a sketch called, “The Underground”, based upon the experiences of riders on the New York City subway. The sketch is in three parts, the third part being about a Muslim looking man entering into the subway with a suspicious package. The entire sequence was wordless and played upon the audience assumption that all Muslims are terrorists. Which or course is not true but I find people’s paranoia humorous and apparently so do they.

Playing Doctor ~ Behind the Scenes

I’ve been filming a movie called “Playing Doctor”, for about 2 months now. I play the part of Fred, a conniving, sneaky, larger than life, pothead, antagonistic charlatan of a person. The shoots usually take anywhere between 10-14 hours, so it’s a lot of work but very good work. I really understand the director’s vision and have had so much fun doing it. Everyone is so professional and cordial to each other. Accept for one particular actor (theirs always one) which shall remain nameless. This person is just the opposite of everyone else and has thrown a few monkey wrenches into the production. Perhaps it was just too big an undertaking but never the less we are moving forward and the film looks like it’s going to turn out really great.

Stand-Up or Sit Down Comic Stare Sometimes as an actor or stand-up comedian you come across certain situations that test your patience, integrity, and morals. I think it’s important that I share these situations on this blog, after all what the hell is this thing for anyway. However I also feel you should never bad mouth anyone because it’s a small business. With that said the following is a true story but the names, dates, and locations have been changed to protect my ass from getting shot.

Once upon a time I had a big show at a major club. It was a packed crowd with many of my own people in the audience. Ten minutes before show time the producer half heatedly announces that he will not use me as a stand-up comic in the show. He gave me no rhyme or reason, actually flexing his position as if he were showing off his muscles. I in turn immediately protested and spoke up. After much quibbling I was told in a very harsh manner that I was to be used as he saw fit and even though I was not getting compensated for all my hard work I had to still swallow this very bitter pill and not receive the stage time I was promised. So, I made a choice. The great thing about choices is that you can make them and no one can stop you. I made the choice to quit right then and their. I shall not be shaken or stirred. I shall not lend my skills as a writer and then lay down and be walked over. I am a Stand-Up Comedian, an angry, uncaged, unapologetic animal of humor put here by the theatre gods to infuse comedy chaos about the earth. Don’t tell me I can not!

Ten minutes after I left I got a phone call to please return and by golly I got my stage time. Not only did I get my time but I rocked the house harder than I ever had. So to any fellow up and coming comics out there I give you this advice. Never Surrender!