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Laz Vic Wins Meadowlands Comedy Contest!

Hi-Ho folks. What an amazing weekend at the Meadowlands Comedy Club. I just want to say a big Thank You to everyone who came out to see the show. The audience was fantastic.  All the comedians that performed rocked the house and I just want to give a special shout-out to the runner up Mario Lucena who had them rolling. Shout out to Pete Rock who always Rocks. Nick, Craig, Rexon, George Jenkins Jr, and the ref Johnny MCcarthy! If I missed a name its because there was like 12 of you and my memory doesn't last that long! Big Thanks to Joe Loesner for putting together yet another great show!  meadowlands_contest3



Friday the 13th - The Blog!

4-Alarm Fire in North Bergen. Che..Che...Che...Blog!

What's up party people.  Its Friday the 13th and I'm just glad its Friday!  Lots of adventure this week.  On Wednesday I came home from work to a huge 4-alarm fire a couple of blocks away from my apartment.  It looked like a war zone with fire, police, helicopters, and what seemed like every news van on earth. They closed down my entire block and you could see the black smoke from a mile away.  Every time their is a fire in my town a large group of people gather like lemmings to witness it.  It's like a morbid block party.  The irony of it all is that my girlfriend just dropped off her expensive suit jacket to the cleaners in that building just a day before. Since they are Chinese she still holds out hope they'll clean it anyway.

I recognized one of the reporters from Pix 11 news and I was tempted to jump into one of the live broadcasts and yell "BABABOOEE!". I noticed after broadcasting these reporters would just stand around in the cold and wait until the next one. Some would pile into the tight news van with their crew and suddenly the reporter's job didn't seem so glamorous.

A lil common sense goes a looong way.

 It seems as though the past few years have seen a slew of comedians who passed away too soon. Patrice O'Neil, Greg Geraldo, and Mike DeStefano to name a few. While living in LA it seemed like every other week I'd hear about another young comic's demise and it was unsettling.  A heart attack, a drug overdose, or a car crash were just some of the many causes of death.  My Facebook page quickly began to look like the daily obituaries.  I wondered if the proliferation of the social networks made it seem like their were more deaths or was the business of comedy just reaching a dangerous new level.

According to Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up", their were about 100 or so comedians traveling the country in the 70's. Today it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry call themselves comedians. The competition is fierce and for the most part not based on talent at all. Rather its based on what I call the "What can you do for me" syndrome.

  Comedian: I'm interested in performing at your club.   Booker: How many people can you bring?

The fact is that comedians are getting the shit end of the stick.  Club owners and bookers are getting rich by promising exposure instead of real life dollars. Comics are nervous about pushing for compensation because another comic will just do it for free. The bottom line is we are working and  providing a specialized service that we should be compensated for.  I don't hire a painter and then tell him he should paint my house for the exposure.

I agree that new comics should be hungry for it and pay their dues but that's what open mics are for. While this isn't the only contributing factor to what's happening to these young comics it certainly is the big fat pink polka dotted elephant in the room. Until we demand our fair share we will never elevate ourselves in the field.  Maybe if these guys were making a better living they would have longer lives.

Congratulations are in order!

My good friend Mark Viera just landed a new sitcom on Fox. George Lopez is executive producer.  I wish him all the luck in the world.  It's nice to see truly funny artists making it!

Humor Mill Magazine Article

Beautiful Strange

Signs of LifeHa Ha Stage, LA 2007 was the toughest year of my life. I conquered many personal goals and lost someone very close to me. I over came adversity and tumbled into wonderland. I made new friends and lost old ones. I moved across the country and realized home is in the heart. I don’t know where these new travels will take me; what I do know is that this can all be just a dream.

Mad Visions

I recently wrapped a TV pilot called Extreme Reactions, a reality comedy series. It’s got a great cast including Zak Williams (Robin Williams’s son). Produced for Lion’s Gate Entertainment its like Candid Camera meets Kids in the Hall and we are hoping it gets off the ground soon. Anthony Maddox (Producer/Director) was great to work with; he knows what he wants but lets you find the way there. Check out their website:

Jet Blue and only Jet Blue Jet Blue

Confession: I am a Jet Blue fanatic. If I have to fly for me there is no other way to go. The other airlines treat us like red headed step children compared to Jet Blue’s service. You not only get 36 channels of direct TV (umm hello) but they also serve (pause) Dunkin Donuts Coffee! The only thing better would be a Hooters Flight.

Anyway, the point is that I made the big move. I now and for the time being live in Los Angeles. I was pondering the thought of changing this blog to “A LA Comic”; however since I do come from the east coast I shall strike the last thought from the record.

When I first moved here I felt like a fish out of water, which was strange since I am not a fish nor reside in water. After a month or so it is starting to feel like home. I love the weather, and yes it does rain from time to time. I can’t watch the discovery channel anymore because they always have earth quake specials on but I can go outside in a t-shirt. Exploring around my neighborhood, I found a cool little coffee shop, a book store, and a movie theatre. Not to mention and most importantly, a 24hr 7-11.

LA Comedy Nights My first gig was in downtown Los Angeles, at this old hotel called The Alexandria. Opening in 1909 it was the meeting place for the early Hollywood elite. In its lobby it had a million dollar rug and tall marble columns, but no more. It was host to many swanky parties in its ball rooms with its huge stained glass ceilings, some of which are still there. Charlie Chaplin was a frequent guest and made the deals for the creation of United Artists there. It’s also one of the most haunted hotels in America, a fitting place for me to start. I was lucky enough to be introduced by Garrett Morris, one of the original cast members of SNL. It’s a great show check them out.

SiTV Laugh Festival SiTV Festival Stage 1I’ve been making the rounds to most of the local comedy clubs. I had a great experience at the Ice House. It was a rainy Wednesday night. On the way there I was certain the audience would be small if not minuet due to the weather. I don’t mind small audiences but that night they were taping the show for a website called Comedy Time. When I arrived the place was packed from wall to wall, not a seat in the house. The host was fantastic and I had so much fun with the audience. I’m looking forward to performing there again. Check out the video on my links.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To My Father Its hard saying goodbye to someone you’ve known your entire life. You can’t help but search your memories and hold on to them as tight as you can. Wishing I could tell time to stand still or walk back with me for a while. Only now can I write about this. Still the sadness is overwhelming and the pain at the surface. Death changed the way I live.

Thank you for being my father. For all the advice and wisdom you bestowed upon me. For teaching me strength and kindness. For always being there when I needed you. For treating me like a son. For sacrificing yourself for your family. For showing me that life is worth living, to be brave, bold and always face forward. To never apologize for being who I am. You will always be a part of me.

“Life is just a game of chess” PM 1944 - 2007 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Two Thousand & Eight It couldn’t be worse than 2007 because the Giants already won the Super bowl. Go BLUE!!! That was the most inspiring game I’ve ever seen. I nearly overdosed on pizza and hot wings. After the game we ran outside and people were yelling and screaming. Doing flips and hugging each other. I think I saw a dog dancing with a cat. Still today over two weeks later you can walk down the street and just say, “Go BLUE!” and you will get a “Go BLUE!” back.

I predict 2008 will be beautiful and strange.

Today my heart Swings

Inspirational Comedy SetComedy Set Gotham 2011 Sometimes through the most unlikely of circumstances you find inspiration. You’re having a bad day, week, month, year and just when you think it can’t get any worse, God throws you a life line. Yes I believe in God :)

I got this gig in a bar in Bergen County, NJ. This bar is unlike any bar I’ve ever been to. It sits by itself like an anomaly in the middle of a secluded residential area. Just houses all around, children playing and white picket fences. It doesn’t even have a sign, just Bar. So the show starts, I don’t even think these people are aware that a comedy show is taking place. Slowly some people mosey their was into the room and sit down. I’m sitting at a back table, sipping on my ice water, thinking about my broken frig and how I have to get rid of it and buy a new one. How much are refrigerators anyway? Why does it have to have such a long name? Long name means it’s expensive. Shit.

The host announces the next comedian and I notice that this comedian had a half shaven head. Like one side of his hair was missing. So he introduces himself and says: “I’ve recently had brain surgery, no this isn’t a fancy haircut, I had a fuckin tumor! You think I would wear my hair like this!?”

People bust out laughing, and he was funny. I realized everyone has got their problems, its how you deal with them that counts.

I've been encountering lots of interesting people lately. Once in a blue moon you meet someone who changes the way you think and you suddenly remember who you once where. You see what the world used to be like for you.

Engagement ala Sketch Last night I was a part of something I shall never forget. One of my dearest friends who is also a comedian calls me up and asked me to be part of a very special comedy sketch. I was to play a waiter named, “Jew”, yea I know. The other characters were named Mary and Will. In the sketch we all lined up revealing our t-shirts that said, Will Jew Mary……and my friend says ME. He proposed to his long time girlfriend on stage in front of a packed house. The crowd went wild and it was very emotional. I wish them both all the best in the world. They make a beautiful couple.

Needless to say I was the next comic on the show. How the hell am I going to follow a marriage proposal? I mean how do you top that? The crowd was amazing though, they really enjoyed my performance and it felt awesome.

Show Updates Don’t forget to check out my schedule on myspace for shows, events, and more.

This Sunday I’m hosting America’s Got Stand-Up at the Laugh Factory in Times Sqaure.

I’m 1000 different people...

I KAN'T CHANGEEtch-a-Laz It’s been months upon months since I’ve updated this blog. One of the reasons for this is because I’ve been writing a feature length movie, so I’ve done all the writing I can take for the moment. My script is now finished and registered with the Writer’s Guild of America. Which makes sense since America is the country I wrote it in. More details about the script to come soon.

Lots and lots has happened since I last wrote.  I re-joined modern society and got a job. I gave into the perils of commitment and moved in with my lady. Lastly, I have succumbed to the man and started paying for cable TV.

I’ve kept real busy. Been performing in comedy clubs, bars, restaurants, and lounges around New York & New Jersey. In May I have a gig at Fort Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn.

So about my job. It’s great, much better than working for the yuppies. Damn those yuppies. Anyway, I got hired as a writer/web designer/producer at a very hip company in the heart of Manhattan. I work all the time. In fact the only time I’m not working is when I’m eating or sleeping but I love the work. I get to meet interesting people and not be confined to a small cubicle all day. Damn those yuppies!

ON THE SET OF REWIND Rewind set I just wrapped up a short film called “Rewind”. I played a thug named Pako who robs people around his neighborhood, nice right. Anyway the main character has the power to REWIND time, but only for a minute or two. Hopefully it will get into some film festivals and win some awards, I think it’s worthy of some. If I had the power to rewind time I’d mostly use it in the morning, to sleep in.

I’m also still shooting the independent feature film, “Playing Doctor”. It’s been a lot of over night shoots with trail mix and coffee but all the hard work will be worth it in the end. I’ve also made some really good friends in the process.

On Tuesday night I was invited to do a set at the Laugh Factory in Times Square. It was a LLEGAMOS show, the crew I used to role with. This was the first time I wasn’t in the show as a regular cast member, just a comedian and it felt strange. I got to see all of my good comic friends and they all asked me why I left the show. I said, “Nothing personal I just have too many irons in the fire right now”. Which is the truth. A comedian’s dream is to be able to just do comedy full time, a goal I’m working on. Anyway, I was up first and the crowd was amazing. They listened, they laughed, and they guffawed. I had a great set and the energy flowed like fine wine…from the old country. I hope to get in front of a big crowd like that more often.

EPILOGUE of THOUGHTS What can I say? I feel like a different person every day. I think I have the Dr Jekeyl/Mr Rodriguez Syndrome. With an endless stream of lack of patience I look for peace. I need an I-Pod so that I won’t be alone with my thoughts for too long. This sounds depressing but I’m totally content, well at least partially. I can’t change who am I, no matter how hard I try. There are tons of things I want to type that are much more interesting than this.