I Remember when I lost my Mind

Does that make me Crazy?Mack Thinks As I write to you now, the sounds of fire works are exploding outside my window. I feel like I’m in the middle of Bagdad. One fire cracker exploded so close I ducked and yelled to “watch out for Charlie”. It’s a tradition in my town for everyone to run around exploding dangerous flammable mini-bombs on every corner. Not just on July 4th but the weeks building up to the holiday. Some nights I would have dreams people were shooting at me for no apparent reason. These Nutz!

I’ve been keeping myself semi-busy lately. I wrote and directed a show which is currently playing at the Laugh Factory in NYC. We do a lot of stand-up which is our strong point and we added some new sketches which compliment the show nicely. It’s sponsored by Coors Light and we’ve had a steady audience. In between that I’ve been working at the Joe Franklin Comedy Club on and off, the New York Comedy Club, and a few other events here and there. In particular was a Cancer Benefit Show that I did at a club in Brooklyn called TJ Bentleys. I always forget that Brooklyn can have nice places. For some reason I always picture it to be a place of poverty and ruins.

Talk about procrastination, it is now July 19th and I’m continuing to write this blog. Anyway, I went to the Dentist today. What a painful experience that was. First of all, the dentist’s assistant is hot which makes it that much worse when blood squirts from your mouth as she pokes you with the suction. Secondly, they stick you with what looks like a needle for a dinosaur and then say things like, “Are we all nice and numb?” Thirdly, I have no thirdly because the painkillers haven’t worn off yet.

Chacho...How Time Flies!

It is now July 25th, 1:20am, Eastern Time. I’ve had insomnia for as long as I can remember, that might as well be 10 minutes because that’s as far as I can remember. When I do finally fall asleep I don’t wake up until 14 hours later. I don’t even have regular dreams. The last one I had was about a giant squirrel trying to kill me. He tried to force himself into the house. I held the window shut while he tried to pull it up, didn’t even try to smash it, just pull it up. Weird.

My cell phone always rings at inopportune times. Like when I’m taking a dump. I mean I’ve been sitting on the couch all day doing nothing, could have used a good conversation in fact, but no, I get a call in the middle of a number 2.

Asi De Fria!

Tomorrow night I have a show at the Laugh Factory in New York. We’ve already done three shows and it’s been damn fun. The audience response has been terrific and the free Coors Light I get, refreshing! If you’re in the New York City area and want tickets to the show please visit my website – www.justlaz.com and if you want to tell your husband that your baby may not be his call Montel.