Beautiful Strange

Signs of LifeHa Ha Stage, LA 2007 was the toughest year of my life. I conquered many personal goals and lost someone very close to me. I over came adversity and tumbled into wonderland. I made new friends and lost old ones. I moved across the country and realized home is in the heart. I don’t know where these new travels will take me; what I do know is that this can all be just a dream.

Mad Visions

I recently wrapped a TV pilot called Extreme Reactions, a reality comedy series. It’s got a great cast including Zak Williams (Robin Williams’s son). Produced for Lion’s Gate Entertainment its like Candid Camera meets Kids in the Hall and we are hoping it gets off the ground soon. Anthony Maddox (Producer/Director) was great to work with; he knows what he wants but lets you find the way there. Check out their website:

Jet Blue and only Jet Blue Jet Blue

Confession: I am a Jet Blue fanatic. If I have to fly for me there is no other way to go. The other airlines treat us like red headed step children compared to Jet Blue’s service. You not only get 36 channels of direct TV (umm hello) but they also serve (pause) Dunkin Donuts Coffee! The only thing better would be a Hooters Flight.

Anyway, the point is that I made the big move. I now and for the time being live in Los Angeles. I was pondering the thought of changing this blog to “A LA Comic”; however since I do come from the east coast I shall strike the last thought from the record.

When I first moved here I felt like a fish out of water, which was strange since I am not a fish nor reside in water. After a month or so it is starting to feel like home. I love the weather, and yes it does rain from time to time. I can’t watch the discovery channel anymore because they always have earth quake specials on but I can go outside in a t-shirt. Exploring around my neighborhood, I found a cool little coffee shop, a book store, and a movie theatre. Not to mention and most importantly, a 24hr 7-11.

LA Comedy Nights My first gig was in downtown Los Angeles, at this old hotel called The Alexandria. Opening in 1909 it was the meeting place for the early Hollywood elite. In its lobby it had a million dollar rug and tall marble columns, but no more. It was host to many swanky parties in its ball rooms with its huge stained glass ceilings, some of which are still there. Charlie Chaplin was a frequent guest and made the deals for the creation of United Artists there. It’s also one of the most haunted hotels in America, a fitting place for me to start. I was lucky enough to be introduced by Garrett Morris, one of the original cast members of SNL. It’s a great show check them out.

SiTV Laugh Festival SiTV Festival Stage 1I’ve been making the rounds to most of the local comedy clubs. I had a great experience at the Ice House. It was a rainy Wednesday night. On the way there I was certain the audience would be small if not minuet due to the weather. I don’t mind small audiences but that night they were taping the show for a website called Comedy Time. When I arrived the place was packed from wall to wall, not a seat in the house. The host was fantastic and I had so much fun with the audience. I’m looking forward to performing there again. Check out the video on my links.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To My Father Its hard saying goodbye to someone you’ve known your entire life. You can’t help but search your memories and hold on to them as tight as you can. Wishing I could tell time to stand still or walk back with me for a while. Only now can I write about this. Still the sadness is overwhelming and the pain at the surface. Death changed the way I live.

Thank you for being my father. For all the advice and wisdom you bestowed upon me. For teaching me strength and kindness. For always being there when I needed you. For treating me like a son. For sacrificing yourself for your family. For showing me that life is worth living, to be brave, bold and always face forward. To never apologize for being who I am. You will always be a part of me.

“Life is just a game of chess” PM 1944 - 2007 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Two Thousand & Eight It couldn’t be worse than 2007 because the Giants already won the Super bowl. Go BLUE!!! That was the most inspiring game I’ve ever seen. I nearly overdosed on pizza and hot wings. After the game we ran outside and people were yelling and screaming. Doing flips and hugging each other. I think I saw a dog dancing with a cat. Still today over two weeks later you can walk down the street and just say, “Go BLUE!” and you will get a “Go BLUE!” back.

I predict 2008 will be beautiful and strange.