Today my heart Swings

Inspirational Comedy SetComedy Set Gotham 2011 Sometimes through the most unlikely of circumstances you find inspiration. You’re having a bad day, week, month, year and just when you think it can’t get any worse, God throws you a life line. Yes I believe in God :)

I got this gig in a bar in Bergen County, NJ. This bar is unlike any bar I’ve ever been to. It sits by itself like an anomaly in the middle of a secluded residential area. Just houses all around, children playing and white picket fences. It doesn’t even have a sign, just Bar. So the show starts, I don’t even think these people are aware that a comedy show is taking place. Slowly some people mosey their was into the room and sit down. I’m sitting at a back table, sipping on my ice water, thinking about my broken frig and how I have to get rid of it and buy a new one. How much are refrigerators anyway? Why does it have to have such a long name? Long name means it’s expensive. Shit.

The host announces the next comedian and I notice that this comedian had a half shaven head. Like one side of his hair was missing. So he introduces himself and says: “I’ve recently had brain surgery, no this isn’t a fancy haircut, I had a fuckin tumor! You think I would wear my hair like this!?”

People bust out laughing, and he was funny. I realized everyone has got their problems, its how you deal with them that counts.

I've been encountering lots of interesting people lately. Once in a blue moon you meet someone who changes the way you think and you suddenly remember who you once where. You see what the world used to be like for you.

Engagement ala Sketch Last night I was a part of something I shall never forget. One of my dearest friends who is also a comedian calls me up and asked me to be part of a very special comedy sketch. I was to play a waiter named, “Jew”, yea I know. The other characters were named Mary and Will. In the sketch we all lined up revealing our t-shirts that said, Will Jew Mary……and my friend says ME. He proposed to his long time girlfriend on stage in front of a packed house. The crowd went wild and it was very emotional. I wish them both all the best in the world. They make a beautiful couple.

Needless to say I was the next comic on the show. How the hell am I going to follow a marriage proposal? I mean how do you top that? The crowd was amazing though, they really enjoyed my performance and it felt awesome.

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This Sunday I’m hosting America’s Got Stand-Up at the Laugh Factory in Times Sqaure.