You Promised Me Poems

This Dark World MineThe Lovers I came across a Memory that Lies within my Thoughts. A Dream of you in which I lost the Battle I had Fought. I Never spoke the words of Love to her I will not Speak. And All my Secrets run and Hide, as Long as this Heart Beats.

Your Whisper heard around the World, and Kiss of Demon Lock. Your Eyes that Melt away the Blur, and Pierce like Diamond Rock.

I Lay in Lust, this Dark World Mine Where Hate is Loved and Love Despised. My Skies are Bleak, my Rivers Deep, My Sanity Deprived. Who might this Creature be, who Carries Cries Within my Night And Speaks of Fate in Rhymes. That Destiny will hold your Soul a Thousand Years of Time, I must be Guilty of this Fear I have to Love you is a Crime.

Alone I be with Naked Lies, and Bitter Truths, I must decide, Fore in the Dark my Love is Gone, Alone I Dance this Endless Song.

Peaceful Thoughts will run Along with Wrongful rights and Rightful wrongs, but no one comes and no one cares, alone I’ll drink my wine, my rum.

My Eyes are Dead, no Longer Clear My Sound far Gone, I can not Hear. My Touch so Numb, I can Not Feel. My Soul now Lost, I have no Fear.

By Laz