Laz Vic


Danger Filled Dreams

It's been a few days since my last post, a few hard days I must say. First off let me acknowledge a great comedian and person who passed away this week, Rodney Dangerfield. He was a great talent that selflessly helped many comedian's careers take off. He inspired me as a kid with comedies like Cadyshack and Back to School. Rodney you will be missed and never forgotten.

WORKING 9-4:30
As I write this blog I am at my day job. The cold corporate world of concrete and glass. I can not write more than three words without the phone ringing or a yuppie asking me for something menial. Hold on....Sorry. Anyway very appropriately the song on the radio is Hang on Snoopy. That is exactly my sentiment this morning. Yesterday I called out sick (again) and my boss calls me up to discuss my serial absences. We stayed on the phone for 20 minutes while I explained that I am no longer in full control of my job because my co-worker, let's call her Nazi Lady, is keeping me from doing my job. We ended on a good note agreeing I won't be taken to much off anymore. That served to keep the lions at bay a little longer while I figure a way out of this situation called my day job. I just want out, but until I can supplement my income with something else I shall be a slave to the system. Hold on......Sorry.

This Tuesday that just past was a hoot. The club partner of the place we film our T.V. show at decided to book another show before us in true I don't give a fuck about anything but money fashion. It was some fundraiser for some disease. Anyway, The big club owner (who won a divorce settlement from a poor bastard that lost all his clubs across the country to her) was their with her fat cat husband. This cat, as I shall refer to him, decided he wanted to complain about our set being in the way and that he wanted we take it down. Apparently he thinks this will give him the appearance of being a big important guy, the only thing this accomplishes is that he is big and probably with small penis. After much conflict in the midst of our rehearsal he must have become dehydrated and headed straight for the bar. We were in turned exiled to the smaller upstairs room. Like yuppies, rich fat cats love to throw their so-called power around. It amazes me how petty people can be. We made due though and although we had to start 30 min late - we did.
This week we had a Psychic medium, as supposed to a Psychic well done. We also had a very funny comic that always reminds me of a dear friend that passed away about a year ago, so watching him is entertaining yet sadly depressing simultaneously. Our musical guest this week is to be filmed today so I nor the audience enjoyed that. A combination of a video interview and the Psychic in my opinion bought the shows energy to low. As a result the rest of the show lacked that high vibe we have been producing. It wasn't a horrible show but not a better show as we always aspire to top ourselves. In any case it taught as a few valuable lessons on guest placement and preparation. The early altercation didn't help us either but non the less I'm proud of that show.

I was invited to the Copacobanna to see ANDY ANDY perform however I'm stuck here at work with little time to prep and primp for the night's events and have decided to stay in. Working 7 days a week has an effect on my social and sleeping habits. I really need to get out of this yuppie hell with Nazi Lady. I'm very fond of Nazi Lady as a person but as a co-worker I am as fond of her as I am a used stomach pump.

it promises to be a busy one as usual. All day filming on saturday and production meetings and the comedy show on Sunday. I can't wait.

Until the next time we meet - Hit a Yuppie :)