Stuck in Yuppie Paradise

I haven't mentioned the fact that I work as a receptionist/meeting planner for a major telecommunications company in NJ. Inside a big corporate building that from the outside looks like a mountain of tainted glass with an endless parking lot filled with a sea of cars. I am the first and often last line of defense in a world of social hierarchy and artificial personalities. That special breed of people who value name plates and office space more than their fellow human being. People who spend a better part of their lives kissing corporate ass while extending their own rump for a smooch from the lower ranks. Somewhere along the line they were taught that their individual needs outweigh everyone else's because they were given the title of director or V.P. Its a shame they don't realize they really don't serve any other purpose or power beside the fact that they are blindly making their leaders richer. In the end they shall simply be replaced and replicated with someone else that has already been trained to be a monkey and is a carbon copy of themselves. I do understand their need to provide for their families financially but does that mean they must sacrifice their very souls to eventually become slave robots only living for the weekends.

I especially enjoy those big fake smiles and sarcastic attitudes when they become "upset". How quickly they turn on you or how fast they crumble when a nerve is touched. I must walk on egg shells to appease all these princes and princesses, if not they will do me quite a disservice that is most frightening, like child who's favorite toy has just been snatched away they will cry and pout to their superiors. I in turn might suffer a worse fate than lashings, they may decide to violently print out a form and force my signature to admit my deviance. Oh the horror.

Of course like any subculture their do exist good caring people. Everything has its good and evil after all. For example on the other side of the coin we have those unique creatures who never bothered with educating themselves and believe the world is on pause until they walk into a room. They aren't aware of their ignorance, in fact they revel in the belief they already understand all their is to understand. These are called "Temps", I admit most come from less than opportunistic backgrounds, however I always believed it is up to the individual to better themselves but how can you accomplish this if you aren't even aware that you can in the first place. These poor souls aren't even capable of expressing themselves or communicating with anything other than ebonics thus automatically sentencing them to the lower class. Like sheep they are all herded up and mass trained to become good little animals of the system. Even though they are led to believe they were special enough to land such a job, that the American dream has been reached. They do not work for the company but are simply temporarily hired for cheap labor. They are the ones that are chosen to work on late nights and on weekends for just enough pay to keep them seated. It is the modern sweatshop. When all is said and done these sheep are efficiently sent to the slaughter house and deleted to make room for the next batch.

I do not mean to be so bitter as I am more frustrated that we seem to have a generation of people who are lost. We do not value the quality or importance of our work, our morals, but worse ourselves. We are allowing the disintegration of our identities by giving into the status quo because it is less of a hassle than fighting for our rights. Well I refuse to give into the system and that is why I stand firm and try to educate my fellow human beings even if it means sacrificing the easier things in life. I am no saint, far from it nor am I fully educated or have all the answers. What I do have, I will always share for the greater good and for the sake of truth. What I do not know I will always seek out. Learning is a lifetime. I may be a comedian but I am also a citizen of the world and know that my contribution consists of more than jokes.

My hope is that these words inspire someone out their to turn off the Television run outside and discover the world that has always been their. The real world.

Until Next Time - Learn something New.