The Eyes of Comedy

Heyyyyy! How the hell are ya?!

Its been 4 days since my last entry forgive me bloggers for I have sinned. Its Monday again and again I am utterly exhausted. I went to sleep at 3am last night and barely began my dream when I had to get up again. This working 7 days a week is putting me on the border of delirium. Lack of sleep causes many every day tasks to become extremely difficult, such as operating a motor vehicle, attempting to have a logical conversation, and walking. Right now their is a little low battery light flashing on the top left hand side of my vision. Beep...beep...beep.

As you can tell from the above title it was busy this weekend. The day started at 8am kicking and screaming because I did not want to leave the euphoria of my bed. My roommate/general assistant had a prior engagement - ( a new job) and could not make it to the shoot. Being that I'm only comfortable driving in Manhattan and have a fear of parking my car in any of the other 5 boroughs especially Brooklyn I decided to take the subway instead. It took me ass long to get to my destination. When I finally arrived all I did was wait around for the crew to set up. We were supposed to get through 2 sketches by days end however this did not transpire as the script was changed completely the day before and we had to make the necessary adjustments. While annoying you must expect such things working in this business. Some of the cast and crew seemed very irritable because of this but I did not let it effect me. Whenever something stressful happens I simple say to myself, "At least your not with the assholes", of course I'm referring to a certain group I used to work for (See past blogs). After that I'm right as rain and ready for anything. I do thank the ASSHOLES for building up my patience. The important thing is that we got the sketch done and ready for editing. I went home that night feeling drained and yet it took me very long to fall asleep. When I finally did, I dreamt of sleeping.

Sundays is always a fun day. Its full of writing meetings, production rehearsals, many wise cracks and a few altercations. I spend the day working into the night. The atmosphere of the village is so vibrant with people from every walk of life. They only common denominator, they all pass in front of our comedy club. Yes, tonight at this moment it is our club and no one else's. We man the doors, we bark and beckon people into the club, we are the performers for the evening. As the sun goes down more and more people we know appear with stories of the week's events. Some comics show up hoping to score a spot on the show some how. I admire their dedication but it gets lost in their insistence. As the night rides on we stand outside in front of the club listening to the music flowing from the bar and the laughter from inside the club. Who is up next? How did your set go? What kind of audience was it? These sentences ring constant in different circles of conversation. The night wears on and I'm told, "Your up next", the sick feeling of nervous lives in my stomach. I kiss my ring TwiCe for luck and try not to think to much. I reluctantly purchase a beer and now I'm on my second hoping the seal doesn't burst while I'm onstage. The other comics hide in the shadows toward the back of the room, silently preparing, judging, and observing. Now the host is ready to bring me up, his eyes search the room to make sure I didn't flee. He gives them one more joke and introduces me as I walk to the stage.

All alone with a room full of strangers I am elevated and in front a row of hot lights. I can barely see more than shadows but I know every eye in the room is fixated on me. They are waiting, to laugh, to boo, or worse to stay in silence. As I take the microphone off the stand all my nervous of fear transform into confidence that fills every joint of my body. My blood is flowing faster and my heart is alive. My senses increase and I'm aware of every inch of that room. In less than in instant all of these elements come together and suddenly the internal comedy switch is flipped to on. Now it doesn't matter anymore, now I'm flying, now it is my time to shine or fall, now I'm in the moment and now I am living. Everything that has happened before this does not matter anymore, now I exist again. If I'm lucky, an era of timelessness begins, a feeling of slow motion. I can live a thousand lifetimes in a second and let them see my world with my eyes. Every movement graceful, every word articulate, every point perfection. As suddenly as it began the moment halts. With that, a red light glows telling me my time is over. In the span of a few minutes I've made a few friends and possibly a few enemies. I exit to the sound of rousing applause and all is well for now in this comic's world.

Until Next Time - Keep Laughing