Master deBaters

Hello friends. It's the beginning of a new month, the start of the weekend, and payday! I'm looking forward to sleeping in, laying in various states of vegetation, and not dealing with good for nothing yuppies.

Saturday I shall have to arise at an unGodly hour to make it to a shoot in Brooklyn again. We are shooting two sketches back to back which will take an entire day. It is hard work and that is exactly what I enjoy about it. Last night I was up late writing when the boss called. He wanted to make some revisions to my scripts, in fact he asked me to change the entire thing from start to finish. I was a little indifferent to making such drastic cuts on the eve of a filming but I have to admit he does have good ideas. I was trying to decide if the writer in me was fighting to keep the congruence of the piece or if the comedian within me agreed that the script did need punching up. In either case, the actor in me will always adapt. Although I'm not sure how tasteful it is to have a character farting out a window, I do know it can be really funny if done right. We shall see.

Last night was also the presidential debate which I caught most of. I must say, George Bush is a bigger moron that I originally thought. It was painfully obviously he didn't bother to prepare at all which I believe is a personal insult to the American public. He constantly stumbled his words, became agitated, was visibly nervous, and even acted arrogant. All he did was repeat and reword the same lines never really answering any of the questions posed to him. The best attack he could come up with over and over again was that Kerry was a flip-flop. Bush is the biggest lieing, murdering, vile, ignorant, cheating, so called poor excuse for a President ever in office. It amazes me that the people support him at all. How some of his biggest supporters ironically are the very same people he hurts the most. I also think the polls are misrepresenting this race and they're are a lot more Kerry supporters. Ever since Bush came into office I have doubted everything I see on the news, everything I read in the papers, I've doubted my freedom. Even writing this blog makes me nervous but nerves won't stop me from speaking up that's for sure.

PRESIDENT KERRY, (as far as I'm concerned he is my President), was well spoken, intelligent, articulate and clear on his message. You could see he did his research and had a strong grasp on the facts. This is a man who actually fought for his country and understands what it means to sacrifice. He also understands the importance of including the world on his foreign policies. That we are all in this swift boat together, clever aren't I.

Kerry is the only choice and everyone knows it.

Until Next time - Register and vote.