Over the Hump Wed.

Hello all or Myself, Today is Wednesday, jeez only the middle of the week. On my way to New York yesterday I was almost killed by a Welsh Farms truck # 182. Ya know those trucks with a big cows ass on the rear door. I was driving my little ford behind him when suddenly he stops in the middle of the road. My only warning were his white reverse lights before he gunned it, full speed, right toward me. All I see is this huge cow ass about to sit on me. Without a second thought I switched into reverse and began to back up into a car that was behind me! Playing a reverse Cat & Mouse game while blaring my horn I went as far as I could before ramming into the poor guy behind me. Luckliy and not a moment sooner the truck came to a screechng halt just inches from my front bumper. What was this guy smoking? As if that weren't odd enough, he then jerks forward and decides to come to a complete stop, blocking the road. I sat their with a line of cars hoking the horn to no avail. Finally we all decided to reverse out of the road. Thank you God for protecting this fragile soul.

Well Last nights LLEGAMOS TV Show's live taping at the Improv was awsome. It was a packed house and the audience had a lot of energy. I couldn't beleive how exited they were. We invited a comic by the name of Angry Bob to do a sketch with us and it went over very well, he is quite the character. George our host seemed out of it before the show, which made me worried, but as soon as those cameras turned on he became a different person.

My new sketch, "Salsa" went great! Wardrobe got me this ridiculous costume with this huge mustache. They got me this big puffy muti-colored dress shirt with ruffless that made me feel like a parrot. I also had two very fine ladies as my Salsa girls come on stage with me. It was a lot of fun. The good thing about writing your own material is that when you play the part, no research is required. I can reach the core of the character in an instant because it came from me.

We also had a very talented comedian on the show by the name of Peeches Rodriguez. I actually met her about a year ago when she DJed for a stand up show we did. I recognized her and said, "Aren't you the DJ?" She replied, "You didn't know I'm a comedian as well." And she was a very talented comic indeed. After the show she came up to me, "I heard you do a Freddie Prinze impression, where can I catch that?" I nodded and told her where I would be performing next month. She grabs me by the hand and pulls me away from the crowd in front of the club. She then tells me how much Freddie Prinze has inspired her career and really expressed her feeling toward him with great emotion. I of course share her emotion for Freddie.

Its amazing to me how many people Freddie Prinze has touched. His success was so short and yet he managed to accomplish so much. I constantly meet people who share their expereince of Freddie and how he inspired them. I can only hope to spread my humor and try to change the world as he did.

Until next time - Keep smiling.