Weekends a Busy

This blog is really for my future self to read, I hardly think anyone cares to read this blog out of the millions of them out there. Anyhoot, in case I reach one soul.

This weekend was pretty standard. I was slated to shoot a few skits at the Bronx Zoo but hence the producers cancelled due to what they called, "A complication with the zoo". I wasn't too disappointed since it was raining cats and dogs or should I said Lions and Bears.

Every Sunday is the comedy show at the Boston Comedy Club in the Villiage. I love the Villiage people. It's one of the few bohemian places left in the city. I consider myself to be a conservative hippy and enjoy their company.

The show started at 9:45pm - kinda late. I went up first, after the host of course, and while the audience seemed a bit subdued by the end of my set I felt I had bought their energy up at least a notch or two. It was a smaller crowd, about 25 people. I find you can work the crowd more and my material less with a crowd like that, you have to get more personal in order to win them over.

Jim Norton of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn fame stopped by and did a set. I think its interesting that once your on T.V. you can come in and pretty much crash any room you want. While I understand the need for semi-celebs to give the room credibility I can not understand bumping another comedian simply on the fact that he isn't on T.V. In any case, as he was leaving, I shook his hand in recognition as I do all of the other comics and off he went back to T.V. land.

Today, Monday, I'm beyond tired but I have to pay the bills so here I am at my day job. Ahh Corporate America, surrounded by yuppies. At least I killed some time writing this blog on company time ;) Until next time - I bid you Adue.