Thursday the 13TH !!!!!

Hey all, or few, or one,

Today is a new day for a new year. I wonder how long your allowed to say Happy New Year to people, I mean when is the cut off point?

Me: "Happy NEW YEAR!!"

Stranger: "ummm It's July"

Anyhoot, I had a great New Years. I took my parents out to an Egyptian resturant called the Nile in North Bergen (in Jersey) and they loved it. We talking sexy Belly dancers, Hooka Smoke, and sexy Belly Dancers. It was fun. Dad thought he was high off the incense hooka but he was just drunk from the liqour.


At this point I haven't heard anything about LLEGAMOS, the T.V. show I did last year. Who knows if they will even bother to film a second season. Thats the thing about this business, you could be on top and feel like you making alot of progress but just like any other business, it could all change in an instant.

So back to sqaure one... sort of. At the moment I'm doing comedy at the Laugh Factory in Time Sqaure. This place used to be a strip joint and pretty much still looks like one now. Every Sunday, I stand at the front of the club barking - for you non-comedians -- barking is the art of passing out flyers and advertsing your shows. It really is a dog eat dog business. So I'm standing out there and men constantly come up to me asking me if this place is all nude, upon which I reply that our comics are probably crazy enough if asked. I guess once a strip joint always a strip joint even if the place has a big fat sign that says, "COMEDY CLUB".

The shows have been great though. Their is usually a good amount of audience and the space is really nice, we even have a dressing room. The ushers all have black suits and ear peices on, kinda like the Comic CIA or something. My father came one week and I was nervous as hell. This is the same dad that said, "You did ok" after I won both Championship 1st place awards when I was a teen in a Martial Arts state tournament, fighting against adults. Just like back then I gave it my all looking for no recognition other than his. I was up there for 17 mintues and on fire. It was probably the best set I ever had. Afterwards I walked him to his car upon which he commented - "That last girl comedian was the best one" hmmmm.


Its important for me to talk about every aspect of my career as a performer because it may benefit some poor slob later on down the line. Ever since I hit the NYC scene about 3 years ago I've met quite alot of shady characters. Lots and lots of people who talk lots and lots of bullshit. People who have tried to suck the life out of me for their own personal gain. You've got to be careful in this business and here are some tips that I have found very helpful:

  1. Don't be taken by promises of stardom if you do your just dom.
  2. If you are going to sign a contract - read it first.
  3. No one likes a brown noser, stand up for yourself, you are human to.
  4. Never get involved in He said She said conversations.
  5. If your feelings are hurt, don't show it, always ALWAYS stay professional.
  6. If it's to good to be true, it probably, no IT IS.
  7. Know yourself, Trust yourself, and Noone else.

I always try to stay professional but not everyone deals this way and it's easy to get caught up in the bullshit. It's a small business and everyone talks about everyone so don't worry about that just practice, be prepared for anything, and consentrate on your work after all it's a job like anything else. What a lot of Artists don't realzie is that they are the product and selling the product is the bottom line. Most casting directors prefer realibility over actual raw talent. Know the industry as much as you know the part.


Not many people of my generation remember Freddie Prinze Sr (Freddie Prinze Jr's Father) He was a brilliant and exeptional comedian/actor who played Chico in the hit show Chico and the Man. Well Freddie FINALLY got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. On top of that he offically recieved the star on my Birthday, December 14th < ---(in case you want to buy me a present) Thats was the best Birthday present I could ask for, much thankx to George Lopez for nominating Freddie and getting the ball rolling. The DVD box set of Chico and the Man should be coming out very soon, so if you've never seen it I suggest you pick up a copy, you will be plensently surprised.


At the moment I am at a crossroads. Which way to I go? How will I get there? Where am I going? I dunno, not a fucking clue. I do know that this is the only thing I can do so if I never make it, I will most certainly die trying. If you noticed my last entry I was a little down on myself. Well sometimes it's healthy to be, sometimes you just need to be depressed in order to be happy. The important thing is to get back up and keep going. Last year I had a good year and this year will be better.

I have an actor friend who is in the union, has had a good deal of success in national Tv commercials, Films, hit cable shows on HBO and still he is struggling to pay the rent. Everyday he hasn't "made it" is a tough day. An extremly talented indivdual who is way funnier than most jerks I see on T.V. But still he struggles. Why? Actors are very brave individuals not only in getting up on a stage in front of strangers but also by the day to day battle to get to that stage. Sometimes I don't know whats harder, performing or hustling to perform. I don't really have the answers. What I do have is this lifestyle, this choice, this adventure and I wouldn't trade it for all the cockerspanials in Spain.

My sense is that if you do get up on that stage or that camera, whether in front of 2 or 2000 people, you've most certainly "made it".

See ya on the other side