Weekend Adventures

This weekend was an adventure indeed. So much so that I am falling asleep at my desk this morning. zzzz.....zz....zzzzz.....HUH! WHA! Oh. Hey :)

Fri - & Saturday night I tried to rest as much as I could - falling in and out of sleep,in between working on the show, these two days are fuzzy at best. Who knows, I could still be dreaming this very moment.

Sunday was a freakin long day, I chose to use the word freakin to emphazie how utterly streched out it was. The day started at 8am, after I resurrected, my roomate and I left for Brooklyn to a film shoot. I'd like to mention that my roomate is also the PA for our show as well as the sound guy. When we reached Brooklyn we met up with the cast and crew to film a sketch called "Latincular", a very funny commercial spoof. We had a new make-up girl for the day, also a couple of other females that were cast in the day's shoot. Now being that we are all extremely busy individuals, most of us don't get a chance to socialize. So that when a pretty girl is within reach its understandable that human nature overtake you. However, when you have 10 men attacking 1 female for attention the results ae not favorable, especially for the poor victim. I think we should have the sexual harassment suits handy to save time. Most females like all the hoopla, at first they act surprised, then flattered, then they strut about in total confidence choosing who may endow them with compliments as if picking cherries from an endless cherry tree. That is why I have chosen to ignore any female on the set completly, not out of respect, out of strategy.

As soon as we wrapped (Thats showbiz talk for we finished) off we went to our writers meeting. This was a session of attempting to come up with material while battling to stay awake. We lost one of the writers as soon as he hit the couch. We did manage to come up with what I think is a very funny bit about voicemail left for the show by fans.

Finally we ended up at the Boston Comedy Club, where as we do every week, hang out in the bar directly underneath the club. On Sundays they have open mics for anyone and I mean anyone to perform. Since they won't let us upstairs into the actual comedy club until 6pm we are forced to sit their trying to work while listening to what looks like a homeless guy playing a bongo or some sort of home made instrument. This week however, they had a very good jazz band that made my hips involuntarily shake.

We made it above into the club and all of us collapsed. The scene looked like a bear cave, with serveral people lying around in various states of hibernation. When the show started around 9:30pm I was doing better. I had a grilled McChicken, smoked a dobey, and the night was young. The crowd was a good size and a little weird. They would laugh and immediately become silent with each joke. So naturally when my turn came I called them out on it which made them laugh..... and then immediately become silent again. I did have a good set and felt as if I had a grow spurt of discovery. I'm picking up alot from the other comics in our group and we try to help eachother with our acts. Usually a comedian doesn't have that luxery because of the competition involved, this is a cut throat business after all. Since you have the every man for himself mentality it's difficult to gauge who is with you or against you. We have a tremendous advantage that we are all secure in this T.V. show and don't need to have that attitude.

Speaking of which, The LLEGAMOS T.V. show preimered last night on LTV - Latin Television!! Alright! Its anyone's guess as to where the hell its actually airing or on what cable stations but Hooray - we hit the big time of small time cable!

Check your local listings and if you have LTV, do me a favor - record it for me :)

Until Next Time - Watch the Channels