I'm Alive!

Well folks the results from my check-up are in, with the exception of my high Cholesterol, blood circulation and heart murmur I'm in tip top shape!

I'm just glad it Friday, I'm burnt out from the week and need a little R&R. The New York Comedy Club called to book me for spots this weekend, but with my schedule lately and all the work I have on the T.V. show, one must know when to take time for oneself.

So I get a call yesterday from a comic friend of mine that is closely attached to a certain theatre group in NYC that I used to work for. Out of professional courtesy I shall not mention said theatre group here even though they aren't very professional. So for all intensive purposes I shall refer to them as, "The Assholes". Anyway this particular person I happen to respect, it's the rest of them I don't care for. He asked me why I haven't called or shown my face in a month. I wanted to say, "Because after working for "The Assholes", for so many years being treated like an outcast, having lies spread about me, not be appreciated, respected, or payed I decided to take my business elsewhere. I did not say the above, again out of respect for my friend who often was put in the middle.

Why am I posting this? Becasue I want to let all those beginning Actors, Comedians, Singers, and general Entertainers know that even if you don't posses the experience that does not mean you should be treated like dirt. I poured blood sweat and tears into that group and while I gained much as an artist it was without their help. This business is full of people that talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Directors that cherish their powers more than they love the craft. Producers who make you believe they are working for your best interests when really your working for theirs. Be realistic when going to auditions and don't be taken by the, "Your going to be a star", mentality. Its just a business based on making money and you are the product. Honestly look at where you are in your career and take the projects for what they are, a credit, a learning experience, a stepping stone toward a better gig. Many of you already know these facts but it's always good to reiterate. These people have no control over your career - only you do.

So NOW after trashing me for no reason what so ever besides extreme jealousy, they want me for a future show. THEY CAN KISS MY BROWN ASS!!! Hows that for control.

On that note - HAPPY FRIDAY!

Until we meet again.