Mid-Summer Adventures

GREETINGS CYBER LITERATES So two entries ago, I mean since all of you are following so intently, 2 entries ago I mentioned a play I got cast in. “Abnormal Stew”. Well it’s been a couple of months of rehearsal and I’m pleased to say that it has been quite the adventure indeed. The show opens in 22 days from today so there is still plenty more to come.

We rehearse twice a week in different locations around the city. I have gotten to know many spaces and found a whole world of performers in little rooms with pianos in them, singing their butts off, more rooms full of oddly shaped mirrors and strange carpets, huge rooms with endless ceilings high up on the 16th floor. Hallways of performers scurrying along, drinking their bottled water, having casually formal conversations about art and culture, nervous actors with scripts in their hands preparing the performance of their entire lives. It’s a vibrant universe of chaotic expression. I fit right in.

We have come a long way from the first draft of the script and now are well on our way to a full rounded show. Every show I do is different and this one….is no different. The best way to describe it is an absurd play. It’s full of grotesque wackiness and makes no apologies for it’s content. I must say it’s nice not to apologize. If you are not easily offended you will probably be offended. Not for the pregnant, infantile, or elderly. The main character is a perverted coked up sock monkey. What is a Sock Monkey you ask? Well, the important thing is that he’s coked up and perverted.


This summer (so far) has been exciting but also difficult. I don’t really talk about my personal relationships here, I’m not really sure why. I think I’ve been closed up emotionally for a long time, by that I mean I haven’t been honest with others nor to myself. I put up a front, a fake representative of myself. I’ve been playing the part for so long that I forgot who I was. I’m being really vague. Ok…I’ve had a steady girlfriend for 3 years and just recently the relationship ended. There. I cared for her very deeply and because of that reason I had to let her go. It’s hard for me to really write any more details because it’s just difficult to speak about.

Laz, you ask, what does the above have to do with your comedy career? Well Chico, I’ll tell you. Comedy is an extension of who you are. What you do on stage should reflex your entire spectrum of being. ß--At this juncture I feel as though I speaking out of my ass, forgive me. I shall blog again when I can escape this horrid cloud of haze.