Muggy Mayhem

The Summer of Laz

Summer is coming to a close and I still haven’t gone to the beach. I haven’t even splashed in a freakin pool. I was contemplating taking a shower in my swimming trunks. All that will change however, fore this Saturday I’m going to Mountain Creek Water Park! I cannot wait to thrust myself down a plastic tube at 90mph on a thin matt made of foam crashing blindly into a pool.

Back to Comedy School

I have been however working steadily. I recently got hired as an improver for this company called the Improv School. If you don’t know what an improver does I shall explain. An improver has no lines and has no clue what they are going to do or say before they perform, they simply make up a situation up on the spot. It’s just like that show on TV “Who’s Line is it Anyway” < ---good show. Anyway, this group performs for kids in schools around the tri-state area. Its teacher whom we will call “The Professor” has taught me quite a bit about this art form. He studied with the best teachers at Second City in Chicago and has been giving us a crash course on his style of performing. It’s been very insightful and has been quite challenging trying to prepare this for children. You have to be squeaky clean; there is no room for error here. All the actors that are involved are really solid actors and I feel comfortable around them. I thought I was a genius at comedy until I started training for kids, which bought me back to reality real quick. I haven’t done a show yet but I love kid audiences they are really attentive and have a great sense of imagination, I hope I can reach their level. Check out their website:

Abnormal Summer

Last week my latest show “Abnormal Stew” opened to a whopping 3 people at a tiny lil theatre space on 36th street. The experience was indeed abnormal. One of our fellow actors that we will call “DIVA” decided that after 2 months of rehearsals he was no longer going to be a part of the show. He cited the following reasons:

• Those actors aren’t working hard enough. They are unprofessional. • I am doing all the work with no help from anyone what so ever. • I should be the star of the show with my name prominently displayed in lights.

He voiced these concerns after our last rehearsal in which he became drunk and incoherent, disappearing into the bathroom, refusing to finish are one and only run thru with us. To top it off he left us high and dry with only a few days left until the next show. If that isn’t a pillar of professionalism I don’t know what is.

The 5 of us got together and hashed out a solution to our missing main character. Needless to say we pulled it off without a hitch. We actually ran a smooth show that was actually funny. It was tighter and everyone seemed to have more fun with it. To think all we needed to do was get rid of DIVA and his sub par infantile acting technique not to mention his nonsensical rambling style of writing. Come join us any Monday night, all the info is on my website:

Speaking of which I just revamped my website. Soon I will be adding video and lots of other cool stuff, so check it out.


A few weeks ago I appeared on a TV show called “Viva America”. I was invited to be their guest comedian for that week. Viva America is an English show about Latino’s in the industry of fashion, food, and the arts and airs on BET jazz every Saturday night at 10pm.

I got called in a day before the shoot, which was on a weekday so I had to take off of work. I can’t tell you how important it is to have a job that allows you such flexibility. I had to meet the camera crew at a restaurant in upper Manhattan called Bohio. It’s a Latin style restaurant (duh). The head chief is also the owner of this establishment. I walked in and immediately recognized one of the camera guys from the TV show LLEGAMOS that I did last year. We said our hellos and he then introduced me to the producer, she was very nice and thanked me for being there. They explained to me what I was to do and asked me to wait until they finished the current segment they were filming. They were to interview the head chief.

I quietly sat in the back watching the interview take place. They had set up a table full of some of his dishes and drinks. After the interview was over I was invited over to try out some of his delicacies. Let me tell you this food was awesome. I didn’t want to be rude and just dog the entire thing so I just took a small bite of each course to try it.

It took only 15 min to film all three of my segments. I had to tell 2 or 3 jokes in the span of 30 seconds or so. The hard part was trying to tell these jokes without an audience but I quickly adapted and conveyed my feelings to the camera as if it were a person. What a great experience.


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